How to Sing Better than All Other Singers

how-to-sing-betterThe starting point of how to sing has always been debated by sites but it’s important to have a good posture whether standing or sitting. Always have a straight back with your head central. Then, learn how to control your breathing pauses. Correct breathing is very important when it comes to singing especially on higher notes. Breathe with your diaphragm and not your chest. Practice how too support your singing naturally with the diaphragm, by breathing in and out repeatedly.

Next up, try the throat technique – open your vowels. Try saying A-E-I-O-U without widening your mouth, and instead keeping your jaw down. This technique will definitely boost your quality singing and voice growth.

In most instances, when you belt out on high notes, your head may move up thus causing difficulty to your vocal chords. The larynx should be steady when you are going for the high notes. Keeping your chin down, will give your voice power and enable you to control your voice thus avoiding to strain. Now, discover your vocal wide range and try to extend it half-step or full time at a time. I recommend getting assistance from a vocal coach with a few lessons.

Did you know that you have three distinct voice areas – your head register/voice which resonates in your head as you hit the high notes; your chest voice in your chest which resonates as you go for the lower notes; and, the middle/mixed voice between your head and chest which shifts in between for accurate singing in the notes. Proper transition from the high to the low notes is what improves the nature of your voice (voice quality).

Lastly, always drink a lot of water. Water keeps the voice reeds (vocal chords) moist and fluid thus opening and closing easily. Drink lukewarm drinks and not cold. Try as much as possible to avoid sweetened, caffeinated or alcoholic drinks.

From then on wards, it is up to you to exercise your voice. Practice and train your voice daily. Not once in a week or four times in a month, but instead every single day! Also, practice humming like “hmm”… This will improve the precision of your pitch.

Well it is now time to go out of your comfort zone and build your confidence. How? You should definitely try out some online singing lessons like these ones. After practicing alone in the mirror and recording yourself, now is the time to sing even louder and bolder before an audience and show your hidden passion and emotions live on stage. Never be afraid of criticism because in real sense they correct your mistakes if there is any. It might be nerve-wracking and you might seem crazy and defenseless on stage, but honestly speaking you will be perfect before you know it. If you are nerves, move around to disguise the anxiety or just above the crowd. Kick-start by performing in front of your friends and family, your community, and before you know it, I’m a professional singer… And there you are, now you are able to sing better like a world class singer. Aren’t you? So what are you waiting for? Become a professional singer, now!

Getting Into The Music Business

You may think that the music industry may not be as vibrant as it was back then, but there are other means to make money in the music business these days, such as through beats for sale, video performances and by writing music as well as lyrics among others. The thing is: As long as you love music and there are people who love music, sales may fluctuate but sure enough, the music industry and the business that thrive with it will never stagnate.


The music business is still one of the most lucrative means for artists and aspiring artists to make money. Aside from selling beats for sale or using free beats download for your songs or jingles, artists can also consider singing in front of people on a weekly basis in bars and clubs, doing video performances in sites like YouTube for promotion, as well as learning more about recording and production technology. These days, everything has become simpler and easier because everyone loves to listen to music through iPods, MP3 players and various digital gadgets.


Artists should also try their luck by auditioning. You may also register your work at the Library of Congress. Thus, to really get ahead in the music business, you may even go as far as setting up a music production company. After all, it is simple to register and operate this business.


Getting Ahead in the Music Business – It’s all in the Mind…


There are also other things to consider if you’re serious in getting ahead in the music business. Selling or buying beats for sale is just a tip of the iceberg. You also need to have the right attitude and mindset.


You have to be a professional artist in every aspect. Getting in the music business out of your love for music is one thing, but succeeding in it is another. There may be a lot of opportunities out there to have fun in the music industry, but you also need to work hard and to stay committed to it. Having the right discipline means showing up on time and doing what you have to do to please your clients. Show everyone that you’re dependable and that you know how to work hard, not just to party hard.


Another good attribute to have when you’re in the music business is to be polite. Whether you’re still an aspiring artist, or you are already a rising star – keep in mind that in this business, there will be a lot of cold calling and emailing. You will find people who will ignore you and those who will make you wait ages before they get back to you. It can be really frustrating, but it pays to be professional and polite all the time. The music business is a tight-knit industry, so almost everyone knows everybody – don’t let your bad attitude get the best of you.


One more thing you can do to level up in the music business is to ask around. Whether you want an internship, to work with a producer, a job or whatever: You should not be afraid to ask around. They will not be the one knocking on your door for these opportunities. You need to be the one to work for it. Whether they say “YES” or “NO”, at least you gave it a try and did your best along the way. Who knows, you may end up getting that break you’ve been longing for.


Getting in and even succeeding in the music business is not like a trip to the park. It can be frustrating, stressful and crazy, but in the end: It is always worth it. With the right mindset, attitude and by keeping tabs with the right people, there’s a chance you can get that break you’ve been waiting for. Explore your options, whether it’s spicing up your music with beats for sale or setting up a music production company: The thing is to be prepared for anything.