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3 Musical Instruments Ranked from Easiest to Hardest

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As any music director New York City NY could tell you, learning to play an instrument can be immensely satisfying. However, it takes consistent practice to get really good. Some instruments require a bigger time commitment because they are harder to play. If you want to learn to play an instrument but are not sure if you can fit it into your schedule, here is a list of some of the easiest and hardest instruments to play.

1. Ukulele

A ukulele looks like a miniature guitar but is easier to learn because it only has four strings. The strings are made of nylon rather than steel, so the ukulele can also be more comfortable to play than the guitar. Playing the ukulele is also more economical since a starter instrument can be purchased for about $50.

2. Accordion

The accordion has a lot of aspects that make it challenging to learn to play. You have to constantly keep air circulating through the bellows by moving it back and forth. At the same time, you have to finger the keys and buttons to play the correct chords and notes. You have to do all of this at the same time, as well as just hold the accordion up. This can be a challenge in itself because the accordion is a very heavy instrument. One advantage of learning to play the accordion is that not many people play it. If you get good, you are likely to be one of the first people called when there is a need for its unique sound.

3. French Horn

Serious horn players get mad when you call it a French horn. If you don’t want to anger them, you should refer to it as a “horn in F.” However, French horn is the name by which most people know it. Whatever you call it, it is one of the most challenging instruments to play. Hitting the right note depends on moving your lips in a specific way.

This is not intended to discourage you from playing a challenging instrument. Success can be even more rewarding.