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4 Strategies for Improving Your Musicianship

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If you’re passionate about your music-making, it’s essential to give it the time and energy it deserves. A big part of that is laying the foundation for sustainable growth and satisfaction. Wondering about some effective strategies for improving your musicianship? Read on for a few ideas. 

1. Get Your Instruments in Shape

Take impeccable care of your instrument(s). As an extension of you and your unique expression, the better shape they’re in, the better they’ll respond to your touch. Read and heed the manuals that come with them. Have a keyboard instrument that needs upkeep? Do a search using terms such as piano technician Tulsa OK to locate a well-qualified professional. 

2. Get Yourself in Shape

The healthier you are, the better musician you’ll be. This is particularly true for singers but also applies to instrumentalists, conductors, arrangers, and other artists. Eat nutritious food, sleep well, and maintain an exercise routine that addresses all aspects of your fitness. A mindfulness/spiritual practice is valuable, too. It helps keep you grounded and focused. 

3. Focus on the Basics

When beginning your practice time, enjoy the slow process of warming up your body, tuning your instrument, and playing (or singing!) slow scales. Listen with intention. Make small adjustments. You’ll cultivate a stronger technical foundation and start to look forward to this gentle prelude to more challenging tasks. 

4. Get Inspired

While working on your solo craft is a big part of learning to make music, so is getting out and getting inspired by other musicians. Listen to live music. Join jam sessions or chamber music get-togethers. Go online for Zoom groups or a dose of YouTube inspiration. The best musicians are open to influences and motivation from others. 

Boosting your musicianship involves an integrated approach. Give these suggestions a try to cultivate your artistry.