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Diving Into the Appeal of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

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For decades now, post-apocalyptic fiction has been popular among readers and viewers. There are countless examples of these stories in books, on television, and the big screen. It seems like people just can’t get enough.

The question many people have, though, is why? What is it that makes post-apocalyptic fiction so popular? Why are new comics like “Geiger” by Geoff Johns so popular and appealing? This is a good question and one you can dive into below.

The Ongoing Appeal of Doomsday Stories

Humans have always been interested and intrigued by scenarios involving the end of the world. This has been going on since the concept of the world was first understood. In fact, many early civilizations were obsessed with apocalyptic ideas, with a perfect example being the Mayan people.

Some rational people want to avoid the topic of doomsday completely; however, it is only natural for almost everyone to think about this at this point. What will it look like, and what’s going to cause it are some of the most pondered thoughts about doomsday? People also wonder what’s going to happen and if anyone will survive.

In Comes Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

When it comes to writing about doomsday scenarios and post-apocalyptic scenarios, there’s a lot to like. While many different stories have been told, there’s always room for a new spin, though process, or a bit of innovation. Because of how popular this genre is in fiction, writers must rise to the challenge of creating something new and envisioning a world beyond what is known and familiar.

Clearing the Stage to Build a New World

When someone writes about doomsday or even post-apocalyptic life, they can build a completely new world. This provides complete creative freedom. There is not anything quite as exciting as writers who have a proverbial “blank slate.” With this type of fiction, that’s what you get, which is something writers and readers love and appreciate.

Not only is this great for writers, but it allows readers to immerse themselves in something new. For people who love to read, this is exciting and something they long for when reading this story style.

When it comes to this type of fiction, there are more than a few reasons that so many people are so drawn to it. If you have never read these stories yourself, why not start with “Geiger,” chances are, you’ll be hooked and want to read more.