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How to choose a musician and what skills should they have for your project?

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Music is a very part of our lives today and it is often referred to as food for the soul. This is because many people are connected to a particular genre or various genres of music and always enjoy listening to music. Apart from just listening to music on our own, there are also many other scenarios where music is played. Some of those scenarios include movies, games, and social activities. Chances are that you might be organizing a party and you want to invite musicians to entertain your guests or you are directing a movie and you want musicians to work with you on the project. This article will discuss tips on choosing a musician for your project and the skills to look out for.

The type of genre you are looking for

When choosing a musician for your project, you would need a musician that sings the type of genre that you are interested in. Depending on the type of project or event you want to engage the musician, you might have a preferred genre of music you have in mind. This would mostly be based on the genre that you perceive that the audience will enjoy the most or a genre that is apt for the event or project. You might be working on a movie scene where you want a musician to play a cool song or it might be an event where you want a musician to play hip hop music that would have your guests dancing. Hence, the genre of music you want at the event will determine the musicians that you will select for the event.


Depending on the date and time of your event, the musician you want might not be available as they might be engaged in shows or other activities for that day or period. Hence, it is often better to have at least 5 musicians on your list in order of preference. You can start making your booking from your most preferred. In some cases, it might not just be unavailability that would discourage you as their prices might be significantly higher than your budget. Thus, you might want to consult all the musicians that you have narrowed down to before you finally decide which of them you would finally use for the project.


Location of the musician

There are instances where you might need to bring in a foreign musician to work on your project or for your event. Imagine you are hosting a party that is going to have people of Latin origin in attendance, you might want to bring in their favourite Latin musician from another country. Since you might have to pay for all or part of the fees in advance, you will need to know how to send money to another country. In most cases, they do not close their appointment for that period until they have received payment. Hence, it is not just enough to conclude that you are engaging them and expect them to turn up when you have not made any commitment by paying their charges.


In some cases, you might want to bring in a musician with a particular skill. This is especially when the musician does not have their band or when you only want a particular skill set. For example, you might just want a keyboardist that will play some tunes during the event or for the project. Hence, you would have to ensure that you lookout for a keyboardist and not a vocalist or saxophonist. Hence, you should be able to aptly identify the skills you are interested in, and if they are more than one, you might have to recruit a different musician for each skill except if they are two skills that a single musician can manage such as singing and playing the guitar.