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Picking the Right Acoustic Guitar Strings

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If you play the acoustic guitar for any length of time, you will learn that the type of string you use – and the condition your strings are in – can greatly affect your experience. When choosing what strings are best for you, it’s important to consider material, gauge and feel. 

The Material 

When it comes to the acoustic guitar string material, there are really two options: bronze and phosphor bronze. Made up of mostly copper with a relatively small amount of tin added, bronze strings have more of a brightness and “bite” to their sound. Phosphor bronze strings add some phosphor to the mix (as their name suggests) and tend to produce a more rounded and warm sound than their bronze counterparts. 

The Gauge 

The gauge of a guitar string also effects the sound and feel of an acoustic guitar. Gauge refers to the thickness of a string and is denoted by numbers on the packaging such as .9 or .12 (being smaller and larger gauges, respectively). The larger the gauge of a given string, the higher its volume capability is and the more challenging it will be to press down on the frets. Smaller gauges, then, typically mean less volume and easier fretting. As far as sound goes, larger gauges will give a warmer sound and lighter gauges will give a brighter sound. 

The Overall Feel 

Finally, when shopping for guitar strings Huntington WV, you will need to try some different kinds out to really get a sense of what feels best and works for you. Material and gauge are only two of the many factors that affect the experience you have playing (and the sound you get), and you might be surprised at what string ends up at the top of your list. 

Regardless of what type of strings you use, replacing them when they start to get worn out will keep your guitar sounding its best. Just remember to consider the material, gauge and overall feel of the strings to help you find your way to the best playability and sound for you.